Some Controversy About B2B Ethics

On American Business Media's MediaPace blog, Steve Ennen had this to say about ethics, and, more specifically, ASBPE's plans to update its ethics code. National ASBPE treasurer Ira Pilchen responded to Ennen's post via a comment.

I'd second what Ira says about the volunteer structure of ASBPE affecting our ability to respond quickly to emerging issues in B2B publishing. But it never hurts to be challenged to take a more active role in our industry. In fact, ASBPE is looking at ways to increase our support of B2B journalists when it comes to dealing with ethical issues, and Steve Ennen's post on MediaPace has stimulated some discussion on the topic within ASBPE.

Here's what blogger and editorial consultant Paul Conley had to say about ethics, and ASBPE's and ABM's role.

When it comes to ethics, do you need more help from ASBPE than you're getting? What would be the best way for ASBPE to help you with ethical problems? Does your publisher support participation in editorial organizations?

I heartily agree with Ira on one point in particular: The more editors participate in ASBPE, the more our organization will be able develop the human infrastructure to respond quickly to issues like the ethical pressures Ennen mentions.


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