Four Web Positions Available at Computerworld

Computerworld in Framingham is looking for four editors for its web site, including:
  • a Projects Editor.
  • a Managing Editor.
  • one editor each to develop stories for its Networking and Storage channels.
They're looking for experienced web editors for the last three positions. For the Projects Editor, they're looking for someone with experience in IT journalism and public speaking or live broadcasting; the Projects Editor will be helping to develop webcasts, downloadable reports, and other special content.

For details on the positions, visit the ASBPE Job Connection page at

Seeking B2B-Pub Case Studies for Book Project

ASBPE is looking for input from editors for a book project. Rob Freedman, ASBPE's national immediate past president, and Paul Heney, also a former ASBPE president, are searching for case studies of trade magazines that ran articles that had an impact on the industry they cover. Ideally, this impact would be somewhat measurable. Perhaps one of your articles has led to a regulatory or legislative change, or has given your readers an idea for a product or service or new way of doing things that has saved them money. Have you received reader feedback that an article helped them in their work in a quantifiable way?

If so, please let Rob and Paul know. Just a brief email with some thoughts on the article and your contact information is all they need to start. You can send it to Rob at

We think this could be a very interesting project, and it might even result in some nice press for the B2B magazine community.

Mass.-based ASBPE Magazine of the Year Sees Layoffs

This year's ASBPE Magazine of the Year in the less-than-80,000 circulation category, CMO, was affected by recent layoffs, according to Folio: magazine. The layoffs were announced by CMO parent CXO Media (itself a subsidiary of IDG) and affects other CXO titles, namely CSO and CIO. Editorial consultant Paul Conley lamented the layoffs in a recent blog post.

Although CXO planned a total staff reduction of 10% and the reason given was a focus on high-growth areas including events, Folio: reports editorial staff is largely unaffected. Nevertheless, some art staff were reportedly laid off. But there is at least one encouraging sign for CXO, and CMO in particular: as recently as the first of this month, they year-old magazine had expanded its reach, entering the Asian and European markets.

As it happens, CMO editorial director Lew McCreary (who won this year's G.D. Crain Award from American Business Media) will be one of the panelists at our Sept. 22 chapter event, a panel discussion on starting a new publication. Maybe he'll have some insight into CXO's future plans.

Silber: Editors Starting New Pubs Is Next Trend

Tony Silber, who will be one of the speakers at our Sept. 22 panel discussion, thinks that entrepreneurship will be the next publishing trend. At ASBPE's national conference, Silber quoted a post from Paul Conley's B2B publishing blog, saying that any publishing company's biggest threat is its senior editors. The reason: they could leave and start their own competing magazines.

For more of Tony's insights, see these ASBPE Boston blog entries:To RSVP for the Sept. 22 meeting, contact chapter president Alan Earls.

Help Journalists Affected by Katrina

The Council of National Journalism Organizations, of which ASBPE is a member, has compiled a list of journalism organizations that have set up funds to help victims of the hurricane. Most are collecting funds to help their members who have been affected by the hurricane; the Society of Professional Journalists and its Sigma Delta Chi Foundation is making $250 grants to journalism students, members or not, who are forced to relocate to another college or university because of Hurricane Katrina. The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma has information on its Web site on trauma suffered by journalists who cover disasters and on how journalists may apply for relief aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Visit the CNJO home page for details on these and other programs.

MediaBistro Party Sept. 15

I tend to assume that every media professional and his/her sibling is on MediaBistro's mailing list, but in case by some strange chance you're not, you might want to know that the organization is having an All-Media Party in Boston the week after next. The party is at Les Zygomates in Boston on Thursday, Sept. 15.

Sept. 22: Do You Have What It Takes?

To run a publication, that is. Our first chapter meeting of the fall will focus on that topic. Four panelists who have done it will tell how they did it and what they’ve learned:

The panelists represent a range of different types of publications, including one started from scratch, one started at an existing publishing company, and two magazines that were purchased from the original publisher. (At one of these last two, Folio; magazine, the original publisher still retains a stake.)

For more information on the meeting, see the ASBPE Boston chapter web page or download a printable flyer (144K PDF).