Free Web Content = More Revenues?

Via Paul Conley:

We're all constantly looking for compelling web content and for ways to increase our publications' bottom lines. An idea that covers both bases comes from the New York Times article "Giving Away Information, but Increasing Revenue." (Note: You will need to register to read the article, but it's free.)

The article shows how a professional organization -- TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) -- and a trade-show company -- Reed Exhibitions, sister company of B2B publisher Reed Business Information -- are using online video of conference sessions to expand revenues.

TED uses free, sponsored videos of short conference sessions to promote awareness of and attendance at its conferences. The response has been tremendous: millions of viewers for the videos and sellout conference crowds -- despite a 50-percent increase in the registration price.

Reed Exhibitions' business model involves charging users to download videos from its ISC West Internet security conference. It will host the videos on the recently launched site. Subscribers will be charged about $300 to $350 to download five videos, according to the Times, though there will be some free, advertiser-sponsored videos as well.

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Computerworld/CXO VP Sounds Off on Marketing Trends

Martha Connors, VP and general manager of IDG's Computerworld and CXO Media properties, was the subject of a short interview that appeared yesterday on Crain Communications' Media Business web site. Among her observations:
  • The web works well for lead generation. That's because online, audiences are more active than they are with print media. They tend to be researching for a specific purpose. Connors says online lead-generation programs are becoming better qualified, too.

  • The value of click-through has changed. Whereas in the beginning web ads were there to drive traffic to the advertiser's site, new ads encourage users to interact with the ad itself. "Finally, online display is truly branding that in and of itself carries the message," says Connors.

  • Marketers are participating more in user-generated content areas. Though they can't control the content there, the upside for advertisers is that advice and input from peers is one of the biggest draws for users, and is among the content they trust most.

  • More people are beginning their information searches with trusted brands. "They are migrating from using Google on their home page," Connors notes.

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B2B Media Watchers on ASBPE Conference Panel

In case you haven't been keeping up with the news on ASBPE’s National Editorial Conference, which takes place in New York, Aug. 2-3: Three B2B editors who cover business, trade, and association publishing will make up a panel at a session on Friday, Aug. 3.

Tony Silber, editor and publisher of Folio:, will join Ellis Booker, editor of Crain Communications’ BtoB and Media Business, and Jeremy Greenfield, editor of min’s b2b, for a look at how our publications are doing .

Reporting on the reporters. From left: Ellis Booker, editor, Crain Communications’ BtoB and Media Business; Jeremy Greenfield, editor, min’s b2b; and Tony Silber, editor/publisher, Folio:.

Topics covered will include:
  • How to maintain the balance between editorial and advertising in an environment of small staffs and extra advertising pressure.

  • The need for editors to be brand managers. What is the job description? Must editors oversee the marketing message of all their products?

  • How to streamline editorial and production workflows given increased workloads. Is software the answer?

  • The job description for an editor today and tomorrow. What kind of extra training must the editor now have and how will they get it?
More about the panel and other conference sessions.

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"Uncovering Scoops" Financial Analysis Webinar Is May 10

On Thursday, May 10, ASBPE will present a webinar titled "Uncovering Scoops With Basic Financial Analysis Techniques."

The webinar will cover topics such as:
  • why a company's stock price does not tell the whole story,
  • factors to consider when writing about the financial viability or competence of a particular company,
  • a simple formula for calculating whether a company is likely to remain as a going concern in the short term, and
  • how to spot signs of financial foul play.
The webinar takes place Thursday, May 10, from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. EDT. The audio portion of the program will be done via phone. When you register, an audio conference dial-in number and access code will be provided.

The cost for the webinar is $25.00. To reserve your place, e-mail DC ASBPE President Steve Roll at

Details about the May 10 webinar and past ASBPE webinars.

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