Seeking B2B-Pub Case Studies for Book Project

ASBPE is looking for input from editors for a book project. Rob Freedman, ASBPE's national immediate past president, and Paul Heney, also a former ASBPE president, are searching for case studies of trade magazines that ran articles that had an impact on the industry they cover. Ideally, this impact would be somewhat measurable. Perhaps one of your articles has led to a regulatory or legislative change, or has given your readers an idea for a product or service or new way of doing things that has saved them money. Have you received reader feedback that an article helped them in their work in a quantifiable way?

If so, please let Rob and Paul know. Just a brief email with some thoughts on the article and your contact information is all they need to start. You can send it to Rob at

We think this could be a very interesting project, and it might even result in some nice press for the B2B magazine community.
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