Are B2B Pubs' Ethics Second Rate?

ASBPE's ethics research has received a few mentions in the press--notably in Folio: and on Paul Conley's blog. Both put the research results in the context of recent ethical concerns (such product placement in magazines and editors selling ad space), but Conley's mention is a bit more pointed:
... the simple truth is that B2B publishing is still riddled with inappropriate behavior. And it's routine for many trade journalists to put up with behavior that mainstream journalists would never tolerate.
He cites editors selling ads and magazines running in-house ads as editorial copy as examples of things that would never happen at a consumer publication.

So where does this split between mainstream and (at least some) B2B pubs come from? Is it the narrowness of B2B pubs' niches (and the consequently small pool of advertisers to draw from)? Are some B2B pubs influenced by the business culture in the industries they serve? Does the controlled-circ model make a difference? Or does such a split exist at all?
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