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This post originally appeared as Editor's digest (#3) on the ASBPE-Kansas City blog, (posted by Spring Suptic, KC chapter board member).

The latest and greatest from the web:

Web first, print later from
What position does your website hold? David Hirschman says websites are no longer just the dumping ground for old print. Visitors are looking for new material. On an interesting note, my publisher is contemplating redesigning our website and then basing both our print magazines' redesigns off of that. Talk about web first...

The bottom line on blogging from The Kansas City Star
The article by David Hayes focuses on the big Kansas City companies venturing into the blogospehere. The most useful bit, in my opinion, was a sidebar on considerations before starting a company blog. The questions include:
  • What is your goal?

  • Does it have support from the head honcho?

  • Do you have an internal blog champion who will promote the blog inside the company and keep it going?

  • What will the ethics policy be for company bloggers?

  • How will you integrate your blog into the company? In other words, promotion, promotion, promotion.

  • How will you engage readers and make the blog interactive?
And one more important suggestion from Hayes, "Network. Visit other blogs that talk about your business or industry. Comment. Link to those blogs, and to prominent customer blogs."

How to get people to talk to you from
This article focuses on the hard-to-get interview, but also offers great tips to apply during any interview.

Stealing inside the blogosphere from asap
While getting mentions on other blogs and links back to your blog are great ways to grow, beware of the copiers. Are you showing off your Creative Commons license?

The wonderful world of digital recorders from MBToolBox
Internet phone options offer the ability to record conversations. A handy tool for all of you phone interviewers.
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