ABM Research Shows How B2B Media Are Used

Results are in from some new research commissioned by American Business Media on how corporate decision makers use B2B media. The research, conducted by Harris Interactive, set out to uncover the role different types of B2B media play and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each.

The research looked at factors like:
  • time executives spent with B2B media sources.
  • how engaged/involved executives are with each type of media.
  • what sources of information they rely on when researching or buying products or services.
  • how they use each of those information sources.
While much of the research focused on marketing issues, there is some good news for editors:
  • 41% of the respondents named B2B magazines as the information source they rely on to do their jobs. That put B2B ahead of general business media.
  • Executives are more engaged by B2B media than with general business magazines, television or newspapers.
  • On average, executives read four B2B magazines and visit seven B2B web sites each month. (Those results are about the same as the results from a 2001 ABM study.)
  • They spend slightly more time with B2B web sites (about 2 and a half hours per week) than with B2B magazines (2 hours per week).
Interestingly, respondents saw magazines' strong suit as trustworthiness. Not so surprisingly, respondents thought web sites' major advantage was their immediacy. Trade shows were valued for the opportunity to network with peers and sales reps and to learn about new products.
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