ASBPE Conference Postmortem

At the ASBPE National Conference last week, I was on a panel with Paul Conley and David Shaw on B2B Blogging. I plan to blog a little more about the conference in the next few days, but in the meantime, here's what Dave and Paul had to say about the conference, B2B blogging, the Azbee awards, and B2B publishing in general. Dave's post links to the PowerPoint presentation for his talk, "The 15-Minute Case for B2B Blogging"; here's my PowerPoint on blogging tools (1.3MB zipped file).

Take a look at the comments to Dave's post, too. They're worth reading. There's an exchange about the extra work blogs create for editors and the issue of extra compensation. And on the topic of blogging and workloads: In the first comment to Dave's post, ASBPE Boston board member (and B2B blogger) Sue Pelletier points out that editors can get some of the bonding-with-your-audience benefits of a blog by commenting on industry listservs. I don't think she meant it to be a substitute for blogging, but if you want to interact more with your audience, participating in listservs is one relatively low-effort option. (ASBPE national treasurer Ira Pilchen made a similar point to me after the panel, noting that leaving comments on others' industry blogs can help keep you in the dialogue with others in the industry you cover. ) And in his presentation, Paul Conley pointed out that even if you don't want to add a blog to your magazine's web site, you should be thinking about becoming more bloglike by providing readers with the ability to post comments about on your stories online.

Also, here's coverage of Crain Communications president Rance Crain's keynote speech from BtoBOnline, in which he encouraged editors to add to their skills and embrace new media. (BtoB is owned by Crain Communications.)
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