MOY Winner Salutes Barr Award Winner

You'd think that accepting the American Society of Business Publication Editors' 2006 Magazine of the Year award would have been the singular highlight of my attendance at ASBPE's recent annual conference in Chicago. It wasn't.
That's a quote from July 31 editorial by Don Tennant, editor in chief of ASBPE Magazine of the Year (80,000 or more circulation) Computerworld.
Photo: Shabnam MogharabiPhoto: Don Tennant
ASBPE Young Leaders Scholarship recipient Shabnam Mogharabi's Barr Award-winning story was singled out by Computerworld editor Don Tennant (right).
Tennant goes on:
As gratifying as that honor is, and as proud as I am of the Computerworld team it recognizes, there was something else I enjoyed just as much: the opportunity to meet a certain journalist who also received a prestigious ASBPE award.

That journalist is Shabnam Mogharabi, who won the third annual Stephen Barr Award for feature writing. Mogharabi, also one of this year's ASBPE Young Leaders Scholarship winners, was honored for her two-part feature in Aquatics International titled "Minority Report," in which she delved into why minority youths account for a disproportionately high number of drowning deaths in the U.S. [Links added.]

I was impressed enough with Mogharabi to be compelled to read her story, and I was appalled by the stereotyping she uncovered.
Mogharabi's story is clearly meticulously researched. It includes historical insights, statistical data, and an exhaustive number of interviews. Erika Taylor, editor of Aquatics International's sister publication Pool & Spa News (where Ms. Mogharabi is business news editor), noted: "As is typical for her, she became deeply involved in the topic, interviewing more than 50 sources, and combing through myriad government documents. The result was a piece of journalism that stands among the best I've read during my tenure with this magazine."

Judges called the piece "[c]ompelling from start to finish." I agree. Beyond the fact that it's well written and researched, it's an important topic--not only for its specific audience, but for educators, parents, and local, state, and federal policymakers. I hope that Mogharabi's reporting catalyzes positive change in its industry, as other B2B reporting has done.

Read Part 1 of Mogharabi's article: "In the Minority"
Read Part 2: "Reaching Out"
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