Two New ASBPE Blogs;
New Look for Boston Blog

Two new ASBPE blogs have joined this one and the Kansas City Chapter's ASBPEkc blog: Washington, D.C., and Dallas/Forth Worth.

Since last fall, ASBPE has been experimenting with chapter blogs. As Spring Suptic notes in the Kansas City blog, we've been experimenting with layout, design, and functionality, and the two new blogs meld parts of the KC chapter blog with the design of the national site. The ASBPEkc, Washington DC, and Dallas/Fort Worth blogs all have replaced those chapters' web pages on the national ASBPE web site. Some time in the next week, this blog will be updated with a similar look and will become the chapter's official web page. The new look will be a little better designed and easier to scan. And you'll be able to sign up to get the latest posts emailed to you, so you won't have to visit the site or even check an RSS reader to find out if something's new.

The next chapter to go over to a blog format will be Minneapolis/St. Paul, probably in September.


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