ExCahns Yahoo Group Launched

Remember the old ExCahns e-mail newsletter (and later, web site) run by former Hotels editor Jim Carper?

Ex-Pollution Engineering * editor Cathy Hodson has taken over Jim's old subscriber list to start a Yahoo Group that will help former Cahners/Reed Business Information employees keep up with one another. Jim not only turned the list over to Cathy, but gave her "a great amount of help and support," that allowed her to start her new discussion group, she says. Hodson emphasizes that the group is strictly for staying in touch and networking with former employees of Cahners/Reed and will not cover current Reed Business Information activities.

If you sign up for the new Yahoo Group, you'll automatically get an e-newsletter that will be sent out whenever there is information to share. (As with all Yahoo Groups, you can set your group preferences so that you don't receive the e-mails and just read the news on the site instead.)

If you have questions, are looking for information about someone in particular, or have news about an exCahn to share, please email: excahnnews@yahoo.com.

To sign up for the group, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/excahnnews.

*(Pollution Engineering magazine is now a property of BNP Media, but used to be owned by Cahners.)
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