B2B Media Watchers on ASBPE Conference Panel

In case you haven't been keeping up with the news on ASBPE’s National Editorial Conference, which takes place in New York, Aug. 2-3: Three B2B editors who cover business, trade, and association publishing will make up a panel at a session on Friday, Aug. 3.

Tony Silber, editor and publisher of Folio:, will join Ellis Booker, editor of Crain Communications’ BtoB and Media Business, and Jeremy Greenfield, editor of min’s b2b, for a look at how our publications are doing .

Reporting on the reporters. From left: Ellis Booker, editor, Crain Communications’ BtoB and Media Business; Jeremy Greenfield, editor, min’s b2b; and Tony Silber, editor/publisher, Folio:.

Topics covered will include:
  • How to maintain the balance between editorial and advertising in an environment of small staffs and extra advertising pressure.

  • The need for editors to be brand managers. What is the job description? Must editors oversee the marketing message of all their products?

  • How to streamline editorial and production workflows given increased workloads. Is software the answer?

  • The job description for an editor today and tomorrow. What kind of extra training must the editor now have and how will they get it?
More about the panel and other conference sessions.

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