Computerworld/CXO VP Sounds Off on Marketing Trends

Martha Connors, VP and general manager of IDG's Computerworld and CXO Media properties, was the subject of a short interview that appeared yesterday on Crain Communications' Media Business web site. Among her observations:
  • The web works well for lead generation. That's because online, audiences are more active than they are with print media. They tend to be researching for a specific purpose. Connors says online lead-generation programs are becoming better qualified, too.

  • The value of click-through has changed. Whereas in the beginning web ads were there to drive traffic to the advertiser's site, new ads encourage users to interact with the ad itself. "Finally, online display is truly branding that in and of itself carries the message," says Connors.

  • Marketers are participating more in user-generated content areas. Though they can't control the content there, the upside for advertisers is that advice and input from peers is one of the biggest draws for users, and is among the content they trust most.

  • More people are beginning their information searches with trusted brands. "They are migrating from using Google on their home page," Connors notes.

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