Free Web Content = More Revenues?

Via Paul Conley:

We're all constantly looking for compelling web content and for ways to increase our publications' bottom lines. An idea that covers both bases comes from the New York Times article "Giving Away Information, but Increasing Revenue." (Note: You will need to register to read the article, but it's free.)

The article shows how a professional organization -- TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) -- and a trade-show company -- Reed Exhibitions, sister company of B2B publisher Reed Business Information -- are using online video of conference sessions to expand revenues.

TED uses free, sponsored videos of short conference sessions to promote awareness of and attendance at its conferences. The response has been tremendous: millions of viewers for the videos and sellout conference crowds -- despite a 50-percent increase in the registration price.

Reed Exhibitions' business model involves charging users to download videos from its ISC West Internet security conference. It will host the videos on the recently launched site. Subscribers will be charged about $300 to $350 to download five videos, according to the Times, though there will be some free, advertiser-sponsored videos as well.

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