Magazine of the Year Front Runners Announced

ASBPE has released the names of the Magazine of the Year Top 10. These are the top candidates shortlisted for the Magazine of the Year awards, which are given each year to two magazines -- one in each of the two circulation divisions, under 80,000 circulation and 80,000 and over.

The winners in each division will be anounced at the Azbee awards banquet on Aug. 2, during the National Editorial Conference. The top three in each circulation category will be announced there as well.

Although the Magazine of the Year award is given on a national level only, it's fun to see who the Top 10 finalists are from the Northeast region, which includes New England. They are:

Less than 80,000 circulation80,000 and over circulation
owned by IDG and based in Framingham, Mass.
headquartered in New York City and owned by The McGraw-Hill Companies
Meetings & Conventions
owned by Northstar Travel Media and based in Secaucus, N.J.
based in Boston and owned by The Economist Group
The Scientist
based in Philadelphia
owned by IDG and based in Framingham, Mass.
owned by TechTarget and based in Needham, Mass.
IEEE Spectrum
based in New York City and published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Network World
owned by IDG and based in Southborough, Mass.

See the complete list of Magazine of the Year finalists, nationwide.


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