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Following up on our previous post about the online virtual world Second Life, here's a good article on the subject from BtoB online. The Sept. 10 article, "Second Life has some firms guessing" reports that B2B media company CMP Technology has ventured into the world of Second Life, developing Second Life content for other companies. (Here's the CMP press release announcing the new offering.)

The article also talks about some Second Life's limitations and how companies are working around them. Most notably, system slowdowns and crashes start to happen when event attendance reaches about 60 attendees. (It's interesting to note that even a large company like Intel typically gets only 15 to 20 people attending its Second Life forums, though.) The piece also mentions alternatives to Second Life. Deloitte U.S., for instance, is using one virtual world to recruit employees; a custom-developed application lets prospects participate in a game where they solve business problems. And, perhaps most important, the article sheds some light on what metrics can be used to measure ROI for Second Life projects.

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