Slide Show: ASBPE National Conference Highlights

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We've just posted a slide show of last month's National Editorial Conference in New York. The slides provide a sampling of the conference speakers’ wisdom and a glimpse of the festivities at this year’s national Azbee Awards. You can also comment on the slides, share them with others, or offer ASBPE your feedback.

The slide presentation was posted via a site called SlideShare that speaker Rex Hammock mentioned during the his conference session on new digital technologies. SlideShare made it very easy. You sign up for a free account, create the slides in PowerPoint, OpenOffice, or Apple's Keynote and upload it. It then gets converted to a Flash file, with all the navigation controls built in. And it was remarkably easy to post the slide show right on our site, so that visitors can look at the slide show or email it to others right from I just had to pick up some code from a little window on SlideShare labeled "Embed in your blog":

and plop it into a web page.

If users click through from our site to, they have even more options -- they can leave a comment or send feedback for us, subscribe to be notified about any slide shows we might post in the future via RSS, save our slide show to a list of favorites, or add it to their own blog, FaceBook or MySpace page, or web site. SlideShare also makes it easy to specify how others can use your slide show with a Creative Commons license.

There are some limitations. Right now, you can't post slide shows with audio or video embedded in them, although you can synchronize your slide presentation with an audio file that you have uploaded to your own web space. Also, I noticed a quirk or two. For instance, link text that is more than one line long doesn't work very well when the slides are converted to the Flash format; you have to make sure any linked text in your slide show does not

I hope to post a few thoughts about the conference here soon. In the meantime, enjoy the slide presentation.

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