Have You Checked Out the ASBPE National Blog Yet?

ASBPE's National Blog is updated every Monday and Thursday with posts by ASBPE chapter and national board members — and occasional guest bloggers from B2B media companies, consultancies, and the like. Of course you'll find association news there, but most of the commentary deals with issues such as web site do's and don'ts, the financial state of our industry, making yourself marketable in the media world, and reassessing the way you do business. There are also posts to help out with day-to-day work, such as improving your writing and finding good web resources.

If you use an RSS reader, subscribe to the national blog's RSS feed. If not, sign up to get new national blog posts automatically emailed to you. Those of you with Twitter accounts also have the option to keep up with the blog (and other ASBPE news) via ASBPE's new Twitter page.

Twitter isn't the only social networking site where you can find ASBPE.
Now's as good a time as any to mention that from now on, I'll be using this blog more for strictly local stuff and posting about topics of general interest to all B2B editors over on the national blog. Head over and take a look.

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