State of the Industry Banquet: How Will the Wall Street Meltdown Affect B2B Media?

Update, Oct. 28, 2008: We've decided to hold the banquet in January 2009. A new date will be announced once it has been confirmed.
The time for our annual State of the Industry banquet is approaching. As usual, it will be an dinner event held in December. A panel will talk about on the impact of the Wall Street meltdown on b2b print, web, and conference products. Planned speakers will include top managers from area b2b publishing companies, a media buyer or two and a reader.

Because December is a busy time of year, we'd like to get your input on the date to hold the banquet. (Keep in mind that it will be an after-work event.) Please give us your input by taking the poll below. (Poll closes Oct. 18 at midnight Eastern time.)

If there's a particular day of the week that works best for you, please let us know that:

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