Call for Nominations: ASBPE Journalism That Matters Award

ASBPE has introduced a new honor to its Azbee Awards program: the Journalism That Matters Award.

This award was inspired by the reporting featured in the ASBPE book Journalism That Matters: How Business to Business Editors Change the Industries They Cover (Marion Street Press, 2006), which showcases changes in government policy or industry practices that resulted from articles written by B2B, association, and trade journalists. The award will recognize similar work in our field.

If you or a colleague produced journalism that matters in 2008, consider entering. All forms of media — print, online, video, and audio — are eligible. The entry deadline is March 2, 2009.* The winner will be recognized at the 2009 National Azbee Awards of Excellence banquet in Washington, D.C., on July 16.

Download an entry form for the Journalism That Matters award (456K PDF).

Learn more about the Journalism That Matters Award.

* Note: This is later than the deadline for regular print Azbee Awards entries, which are due Jan. 30.

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