ABM Provides Data on B2B Marketing Trends

Back in June, I posted about research commissioned by American Business Media on how business executives use B2B media, and how they view it versus general business media.

Now ABM has available on its site a PowerPoint presentation called "B-to-B Digital Marketing Shift" that provides some insight on where B2B marketers will be spending their money.

Among the findings:
  • The marketers consider industry-specific marketing venues--trade shows, magazines, web sites--more effective than their general-business counterparts.

  • They named in-person events and industry-specific magazines as the most effective branding vehicles. The Internet was thought to be as effective at branding as general business magazines or television.

  • The marketers found in-person events, industry-specific magazines, and online marketing to be the most effective outlets for lead-generation.

  • Fewer marketers plan to make use of general business magazines, direct mail, and newspapers; those who do plan to use these media "will only minimally increase spending," according to ABM.

  • 48% of B2B marketers use online marketing today, spending 24% of their budget online
You can download a copy of the PowerPoint here (2.4MB).

There's also a very short (six-page) trade-show specific version of the presentation (92KB).


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