State of the Industry Banquet a Success

I plan to do a short writeup about our Dec. 7 State of the Industry Banquet and Panel Discussion on the web and B2B publishing later this week. A few highlights:
  • Tech Target's Maryfran Johnson said that at a recent Web 2.0 conference she attended, it was comforting for the audience to find out that even the big guys like Time Warner and Yahoo haven't figured out everything about the web.

  • CFO's Tim Reason noted that publishers tend to look at the home page of the web site and think that that's their product. In reality, it's likely that a majority of visitors -- at CFO, 86% -- arrive at the site directly on the article or page they're interested in via an e-mail newsletter or other link and never even see the home page.

  • CIO's Gary Beach questioned who was driving delivery of online content. "If we put anything video out there, any advertisers will buy it," he said. But whether his audience really wants to watch video online is another matter.

  • Reed Business Information's Steve Moylan noted that there was a lot less overlap between print and online than they had originally assumed.
More later.

Correction, 12/12/06: Maryfran Johnson is no longer with Tech Target. She now has her own business, Maryfran Johnson & Associates, which provides services related to events.

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This year's event was terrific, I thought. Lots of provocative conversation from the panel and among those at my table. I'm looking forward to more of Martha's writeup about it, since I was too busy eating to take notes!
# posted by Anonymous Sue Pelletier : December 12, 2006 9:44 AM
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