Countdown to State of the Industry Panel

While you're waiting for our Jan. 6 State of the Industry panel, get your prognostication fix from this summary of ASBPE New York's recent event, Taking the Pulse of B2B Media in 2009. One prediction from that panel discussion: Tony Silber of Red 7 Media (which publishes Folio:) said debt will make it difficult for large publishers with roots in print to invest in the web. He predicted bankruptcies among such companies will begin in the next month or so.

And here are some 2009 predictions from various media-industry compiled by Folio: magazine.

This interview with NewspaperDeathWatch's Paul Gillin from Michelle Rafter's WordCount blog is also pretty interesting. Gillin mentions that many community newspapers owned by large companies are being shut down -- but are being replaced by web sites started by individuals.

Also see the latest WordCount weekly digital media biz recap for info on the current status of the print-v.-web struggle in the magazine world (believe it or not, print is winning this round), how to be a good marketer, and how Twitter can grow a freelance business. You can also see a video of "The Morbid Major Magazine Song," a musical recitation of publications that have recently gone bust.

1/6/09 update: Watch for Paul Conley's predictions for B2B media in the January/February edition of the ASBPE newsletter.

2/19/09: Members can download a PDF of the January/February 2009 newsletter (276KB). (Nonmembers: View the newsletter archives.)

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Hey Martha:

Thanks for the shout out.

BTW, in case you haven't see it yet, Bill Dyszel, the freelance writer and lyricist who penned "The Morbid Major Magazine" song, has a new one: the Freelance National Anthem, sung to the tune of Ode to Joy. See it on YouTube here:

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Thanks, Michelle
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