ASBPE Conference Scholarships
Available for International Editors

In my earlier post about the Young Leaders Scholarship (YLS) I neglected to mention that in addition to the five Young Leaders Scholarships, there are two International Young Leaders Scholarships (IYLS) available. In addition to the hotel accommodations that the regular YLS covers, the IYLS provides a travel stipend of up to $500 to compensate for the extra expenses incurred by overseas editors travelling to the ASBPE national conference, which this year is in New York City.

The IYLS is open to all business editors, including print and digital, who work outside of the United States. Criteria for the International YLS are the same as for the regular U.S. ASBPE scholarships. It's cosponsored by ASBPE and The Trade Association Business Publications International (TABPI). If you publish international publications with overseas staff, the IYLS is well worth looking into.

YLS/IYLS details.

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